Delt is a success story

Launched in 2014, Delt is a truly innovative shared services partnership between local government and the NHS. Our founding shareholders believed that contrary to conventional outsourcing, it was possible to deliver back office services, better, faster and cheaper through keeping those services local. Delt is an arm’s length company, owned by the public sector but operating like a dynamic and agile private limited company. The model works! Three years in, we have measurably delivered not only better, faster and cheaper but very much in excess of our shareholders original expectations.

We work with clients in the public, private and third sectors, with the common theme that we expect our partners to be working in the public interest – in fact, we insist upon it!

Shared service initiatives are often founded entirely on a desire to save cost. Not so in Delt. We measure our performance against a set of 8 objectives:

  • To create a platform for economic growth
  • To deliver fewer barriers to closer collaborative working
  • To reduce the risk for our customers
  • To improve service delivery, year on year
  • To reduce the costs of our core services, year on year
  • To actively promote the health and wellbeing of both our staff and our customers
  • To enable the rapid delivery of our customers’ transformation agenda
  • To drive innovation through the better use of information

We are immensely proud that our people have managed to deliver success against every objective.

In 2017 we delivered a socio-economic benefit exceeding £7m (per annum) to the South West. In addition, nearly 200 jobs that would otherwise have left the region are now supported through our activities. This is good but we will do better. Delt launched in 2014 with revenues of £10m. By 2017 this was £14m. 2018 is projected to be £20m+ and we have a new business pipeline across the whole South West that could see revenues in excess of £100m within 24 months. However, the Delt Board are very clear that the money (in revenue or profit terms) is less important than the wider impacts we have on our region. This is just one more of the things that makes Delt different.

Click here to view our Socio-Economic Report

The shared services journey is not easy and many attempts at sharing back office services end poorly. The Delt Board and Shareholders have been relentless in their belief that the benefits outweigh the difficulties and have successfully tackled many of the issues that beleaguer similar enterprises. In the last two years, we have dealt with the difficult (and sometimes terminal) issues of public sector pension deficits, asset ownership, culture, terms and conditions, governance and control. As many other organisations consider shared services, this demonstrable success in both operational delivery and in resolution of complex setup and relationship issues gives Delt a significant competitive advantage.

The problem with writing an ‘About’ about Delt is that by tomorrow it’s out of date. So by the time you read this we will be doing other things better, faster and cheaper than they were before. We’ll be doing them with local people. We’ll be doing them passionately. We’ll be doing the right things for the right reasons. It’s all rather exciting. Want to know more? Give us a call or drop by one of our offices. The coffee is on us.