Supporting our World

IT Guys drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much but it comes with the territory. Our NHS IT team alone consume around 30Kg of instant coffee a year. Don’t even get us started on tea-bags. Our coffee supplier allows us to donate part of our purchase costs to nominated charities.

So far, our bad caffeine habits have helped:

Inspiring kids from tough backgrounds. Street Style Surgery show teenagers just how much potential there is in life, and get them thinking about how to find it.

Giving children in Honduras somewhere to learn. Supporting the installation of brand new IT Centres in local schools.

Bringing fresh water to rural Peru. In remote areas of northern Peru, farmers still have to trek miles at the start of each day to fetch water for their families. As part of the Coffee Made Happy project, tanks are being installed in these rural communities for the first time, giving them fresh water for decades to come.