Our Vision & Values

Delt Vision & Values

Our company vision, values and mission statement was developed by all of us in the Delt team. We’ve included them here so you can get a feel for the kind of company we are:


  • We have integrity and transparency
  • We develop our people
  • We work in the public interest putting the needs of our customers at the heart of the company
  • We strive to be the best at what we do
  • We believe in partnership
  • We value both innovation and creativity


  • To create a platform for economic growth
  • To deliver fewer barriers to closer collaborative working
  • To reduce the risk for our customers
  • To improve service delivery, year on year
  • To reduce the costs of our core services, year on year
  • To actively promote the health and wellbeing of both our staff and our customers
  • To enable the rapid delivery of our customers’ transformation agenda
  • To drive innovation through the better use of information


  • The wider region benefits from improved service delivery, greater flexibility, improved management information, better technology and more effective partnerships
  • We protect quality jobs in the local economy
  • We improve the health and wellbeing of our local people
  • All our customers’ staff, across a wide geographic area, have effective systems no matter where they are; in the county and beyond
  • We are seen as our customers most trusted advisor in the fields in which we operate
  • Delt grows at a sustainable rate, offering increased opportunity for economies of scale

Our shared services model is based upon the concept of organisations coming together to operate a shared in-house department. The services are run for the benefit of all partners and no one partner is making a profit out of the others.