Employee of the Month for April - Lianne Upton

Congratulations to Lianne Upton, Head of Finance – Organisational Leadership

Lianne received the following nominations:

Paul James

I’d like to propose Lianne Upton. Lianne has worked diligently on the month and year end accounts and inspired her team to deliver on all fronts. Flash financial results were ready in 3 days and at the date of writing this we have a clean year end audit and the year-end accounts were completed whilst supporting internal customers with their day to day queries. Grant Thornton were very complimentary on our preparation and delivery which says a lot about the quality of what’s been delivered in such a short time. I’ve never seen such detail and accuracy in the numbers at such an early stage.

That doesn’t happen without the Head of department knowing exactly what needs to be done and how her team aligns with that and driving those outcomes. Lianne displays strong leadership although she doesn’t think so! She leads by example, we don’t need to be loud to be leaders. Working very long hours is only sustainable for a short period and with the help of the team. They delivered in spades for Delt and that stems from Lianne’s leadership and commitment and with the strong team around her working extremely hard. If we’re going to bottle what Delt is all about, this style of leadership and ability to deliver under pressure is exactly where we need to be.

Simon Grint

This nomination is the culmination of not one, but many months of effort, that all come together at financial year end. Delt closed its books on 31st March, produced a flash report to the shareholders of the year end result by 6th April and followed this with a full set of management accounts by 10th April, to coincide with the start of the annual statutory audit. The audit has gone very smoothly, with Grant Thornton consistently representing how different things are from prior periods, and some amazement at the speed with which things have been turned around. There have been no adjustments to the numbers nor issues raised in their management letter, all significant indicators of the quality of the work produced. In Grant Thornton’s words “we wish more of our clients were like Delt!”

Ultimately this is a team effort, and everyone in the Business Support team deserves recognition for their contribution. But a special mention goes to Lianne who has over a number of months now gone to great lengths to ensure that the numbers reported monthly to the Board are accurate, produced on time and provide the necessary level of insight and granularity. Her efforts have made the year end process that much easier. In between the monthly numbers and year end preparation, she has had to deal with a team re-structure and the bedding down of people in new roles – all of which has been achieved without disruption.

Well done to Lianne and also to our other worthy nominees:

Tracey Brackstone
Dan Liddicott
Julia Wildman