Employee of the Month for August - Joe Smith

Congratulations to Joe Smith, IT Security Specialist

Joe received the following nomination:

Kevin Bryant
I would like to nominate Joe Smith for Employee of the month for August 2017, specifically for a piece of work he did for Jim Goodwin in his own time.

The request was to check all New Devon NHSMail accounts to see if they have been included in any breaches of security. This could prove quite a challenge and Joe requested support from Babcock MSS to look at possible solutions.

In the meantime Joe spent his own evenings developing a PowerShell script which interfaced with the www.haveibeenpwned.com website API and search against a list of NHS accounts and producing a report.

Joe can be very modest, however I feel this just touches the surface of the approach, enthusiasm and commitment Joe demonstrates on a daily basis.

Well done to Joe and also to our other worthy nominees:

Dan Liddicott
Connor Tookey