Employee of the Month for January - Lynne Satterley

Congratulations to Lynne Satterley, Senior IT Support Specialist – Customer Services

Lynne received the following nomination from her team:

Due to our Team Leader’s extended absence Lynne has had to work outside of her normal skillset and provide additional support to Senior Leaders, other Team Leaders and Project Managers as well as keeping our team (Service Request) on target and on task. Duties have included resource management, report analysis, attending management meetings and everything else that has been passed her way.

I know this has been a slightly stressful time for her but she has remained friendly, approachable and willing to provide help with whichever duty is requested of her. I’m pretty sure she is pleased with her new found ability of delegation. This in itself proves that Lynne is continuing to learn and grow in a role she has held for a number of years.

Well done to Lynne and to our other worthy nominees:

Luke Brown
Nick Shearing-Brown
Paul Harris