Employees of the Month for July - Mark Clark and Kevin Leung

Congratulations to Mark Clark, Application Analyst and Kevin Leung, Principal Application Analyst

Mark received the following nominations:

Whilst undertaking work for the Smart Working project, Mark has worked tirelessly supporting staff across various areas as they were transitioned to the new way of working assisting with many queries including visiting customers and sites to verify devices and applications work, in multiple instances he has been the ‘go-to’ person to resolve queries.
He has also worked above and beyond supplying a mock-up website for the Safeguarding Board, working in his own time to produce this piece of work within the required timeframe. I quote from the customer response “Myself and colleagues are dancing for joy here, I know it’s a basic page setup at present, but WOW – What a difference!”
Mark is valuable member of the Application Support team who supports all his colleagues with a ‘can do’ attitude, he is a great asset within Delt.

Nomination for Mark, Andrew and Tom
All three have done exceptional work on discreet tasks this month that makes them worthy of nomination (Digital Services, AI Chatbot, and HIMs integration, all respectively as individuals) it is worth commending their collective efforts to get a working KPI service displayed on Building 2’s monitors. There were at least 3 technical/security/design obstacles put in front of getting the KPI information on the monitors. These kinds of blocks tend to stall even the most determined experienced professionals from delivering a solution, but not in this case. Their ability as a team to think laterally, and come up with multiple innovative solutions to problems has went above and beyond their traditional roles within the team. It has also raised the bar in terms of speed of delivery with a quality solution.

Kevin received the following nominations:

Kevin has been the Technical Lead for the Xpress Election Management System. Throughout the project Kevin has demonstrated thoroughness and accuracy in all his activities, and a dedication to excellent delivery for the Client.
Over the past few weeks he has been working in a very dynamic environment with additional remediative activities being regularly identified. Despite this he has been instrumental in ensuring that there are no changes to the Go Live date and no impact on PCC’s Canvassing activities.

Kevin has delivered (or will have by the time this is reviewed) the implementation of the replacement electoral management system Express. This has been an exceptionally challenging project not just technically, but politically and business-wise. This has all been done to the original timescales, which are the fastest to date for Delt of implementing a large enterprise system. Even with security challenges that seemed beyond the ability to mitigate, Kevin has worked with the PM Matt Brown and our security office Joe Smith to ensure we did achieve mitigations which kept the implementation on track.

Well done to Mark and Kevin and also to our other worthy nominees:

Andrew Rowlands
Tom Smith
George Zaharescu
Shaun Bullous
Viktor Spurgeon