Employee of the Month for June - Trevor Robinson

Congratulations to Trevor Robinson, Senior Network Engineer – Infrastructure

Trevor received the following nominations:

Nick Franklin
For the most diligent and thorough implementation of SIP trunking with testing and migration of the first batch of customer’s numbers. The users have no idea how complex this piece of work has been, their numbers just seamlessly moved from ISDN to SIP, but that was the tip of an immense iceberg! Well done Trev :)

Nick Shearing-Brown
I’d like to nominate Trevor for the next employee of the month for all is dedicated hard work on migrating CCG, PCC and ourselves to receiving calls from the public network via SIP. This has been a silent change for most staff and has just happened without their knowledge. In the background it has required a lot of complex changes in Lync/Skype for Business and the installation of Session Border Controllers which has been no mean feat. Trevor has had a very steep learning curve to implement this new technology which is all new to us. The vast majority of these changes have gone without a hitch, first time which is a credit to Trevor’s skill and hard work. Trevor won’t highlight what a personal achievement this has been for himself and is now is a great selling point for the company. I would therefore like to nominate Trevor for employee of the month so his efforts are formally recognised.

Rich Henniker
I feel compelled to nominate Trevor Robinson for May’s employee of the month for his work on the Replacement of ISDN with SIP project.
As all of Trev’s telephony work takes place in the background, few of us will understand or appreciate the scale of the work Trev has completed over this past year to successfully deliver this project. Nonetheless, thank you Trev for all those long days (and some nights!) and extra hours of work, some of which I know were spent either worrying about the migration or banging your head against a wall to resolve some particularly intricate and complex issues leading up to the migration. Trev’s meticulousness and perseverance has put us safely on the home run. There was a risk that it all could’ve gone horribly awry resulting in frustrated customers and core service disruption – because of Trev’s textbook preparation and testing, the migration was totally seamless.
Trev hasn’t just done what he is paid to do here, he has gone over and above by putting in extra hours to work in unfamiliar territory to learn from scratch a new technology which Delt can now provide to its customers.

Alex Rose
For the EOM work he’s doing on IPT.

Haidar Al-Moussawi
He’s been working very hard on several IPT issues, and also delivering projects at the same time.

Well done to Trevor and also to our other worthy nominees:

Kate Joy
Leigh Smith