Employee of the Month for October - Brett England

Congratulations to Brett England, IT Support Specialist – Customer Services

Brett received the following nomination from Steve Evans, Senior Community Connections Officer (Housing Improvements), Plymouth City Council:

I would like to please nominate Brett England for Employee of the Month and say a big “Thank You” for his efforts today. He is currently part of your team at Windsor House installing the ‘boxes’ to enable Smart Working with laptops etc. at specific workstations.

I have seen him working considerately around PCC staff, answering their questions and remaining flexible when installing the above equipment and dealing with issues as they arise.

I vacated my desk so that the above could be installed at the workstation that I was working at but when I got back following installation, there was no display on the screen.

Brett spent the time to check and test connections, and then established that it was a ‘dodgy box’. He swapped this box with the PC next door, which was not in use and fixed the problem.

Then I had no sound from my phone headset which Brett was quickly able to diagnose and fix.

Thanks Brett for your flexibility and patience in resolving the above, which is greatly appreciated.

Well done to Brett and also to our other worthy nominee:

Leigh Smith