On Passing Milestones

Less painful than passing kidney stones…

We’ve had several new parents in Delt recently and they have started on a journey of milestones – first smile, first tooth, first word*, first steps and so on, leading ultimately to first car, first bank of Mum&Dad loan, first time moving out….

Delt may be passing a milestone itself in a few weeks now that Cabinet have approved a decision that could see the Payroll and Pensions team from Plymouth City Council joining the Delt family. At the age of three and a half, we’ll be taking our first significant steps in an area that isn’t information technology. It’s worth reminding everyone that this isn’t a new idea but Delt was always envisaged to be a full capability shared service provider. This expansion is important for the future of our company and our ability to keep delivering amazing results against our objectives.

The service provides an offering that is currently delivered well but has real scope to be turned from good to excellent – especially with the addition of new technology, which is something we know how to do! Our ability to empower our new employees to rapidly make changes they already know need making, will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise to them. That we are able to deliver the payroll and pensions service better, faster and cheaper should delight our clients. That list of delighted clients needs to grow. We are not just taking on an existing operation with the view of running it just like it is today. We are taking it on to improve it, to grow it and in so doing, ensure the best possible financial and social impact to our region.

With a target date of the 1st May we will hopefully see some new faces joining us. They will represent a significant milestone achieved and one which deserves a degree of congratulation to all of us. If we were not seen as a successful organisation, one which was making a difference today and could continue to do so in future, one of our parents would not entrust us with running a revenue generating service for them. But we are – and that’s something that everyone in Delt can be proud of.

*Those of us who are parents will know first word is really major milestone. Both of my children’s first word was ‘dog’, utterly understandable given the environment they grew up in. In what I have always assumed is a fantastic fable but one that has endured for nearly 50 years, my Mother assures me that my first word, and one that came out of the back seat of the car, was ‘Roadworks’. Does anyone else have a bizarre first word story to share?

Giles Letheren, CEO