Summertime BBQ at Delt Shared Services

Summer is a state of mind

With the recent unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing lately it’s been difficult to find time to fully enjoy this summer. Luckily the weather on Friday 18th August only teased at ruining our day and as our guests started to arrive the clouds departed and left Building 2 with glorious sunshine in its place.

Fun and food with friends and family was the order of the day with a bouncy castle, giant Hungry, Hungry Hippos, garden games, ping pong and computer consoles providing the entertainment, Heaven Bar and Restaurant ( on site with a spectacular barbecue spread to feed us all we were a very happy workforce indeed.

IT Support Specialist Barry Mitchelmore enjoying a bounce with his young daughter.

Interim Head of Applications, Kevin Tunison is a Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

An intense game of Connect 4 with Charley and Sam

Whilst everyone was out in enjoying the sun little Adina took it upon herself to ensure our work continued as normal.

The Bouncy Castle was very popular.

Network Engineer, James Gregson and his sister Eleanor.

Splatting practice for Laura Bonner and her son.

A Heaven-ly BBQ

It is clear to see that Delt Shared Services values it’s staff and the hard work they do for the South West of England and with a variety of activities and events planned soon we’re going to have a very happy workforce.