Our Partners & Clients

Plymouth City Council and NHS NEW Devon CCG are Delt’s co-founders and our primary clients.

The relationship we build with our clients is not that of customer/supplier, but one of true partnership where we bring the integration and understanding of an in-house provider with the flexibility and agility of an external supplier.

Below are all our current clients with a brief description of the services and support we provide:

Delt provide ICT support and guidance for Primary Care Practices across the NEW Devon CCG operating area. This ranges from procurement, installation and support of Desktop, Server and Network Infrastructure to full asset tracking and disposal. Delt are working to create a viable, cost effect, reliable and innovative ICT Service for Primary Care Practitioners within its operating area.

CaterEd is a co-operative trading company which is jointly owned by 67 local schools and Plymouth City Council. Delt is currently trialling a mixture of mobile devices to ensure their management team are better connected and can be more productive on the move. We also have a significant project which is developing innovative solutions for their catering managers in 70 kitchens across the region, to deliver a fantastic, more reactive service.

Formerly known as Plymouth Community Healthcare, the organisation officially formed on 1 October 2011 as an independent health services provider, working as part of the NHS family in a similar way to GP’s, Dentists and Pharmacies and offering community, physical and mental healthcare. On 1st April 2015, Livewell Southwest took over the adult social care assessment service from Plymouth City Council.

Delt enables Health & Social Care integration by providing Livewell SouthWest with access to Carefirst. Carefirst is a case management system that Plymouth uses to record all Social Service activity, both for Adults and Children’s social services.

Approximately 250 Livewell SouthWest staff require access to Carefirst which includes their Crisis Response, Social Care and Mental Health Teams. As well as enabling cross organisation access to Health & Social Care systems, Delt have implemented flexible technologies that have enabled the co-location of PCC, CCG and Livewell SouthWest at Windsor House, Plymouth. This has allowed Plymouth’s key Health & Social care partners to create a joined up Health & Social Care service.

We have also worked closely with: