IT Service Management

Delt has an ISO 20000/ITIL compliant, IT Service Management capable of delivering IT services to organisations from 50 to 10,000 users including:

Service Strategy

To decide on a strategy to serve customers. Starting from an assessment of customer needs and the market place, the Service Strategy process determines which services the IT organisation is to offer and what capabilities need to be developed. It’s ultimate goal is to make the IT organisation think and act in a strategic manner.

   - Financial Management
   - Business Relationship Management
   - Strategy Generation
   - Service Portfolio Management
   - Demand Management

Service Design

To design new IT services. The scope of the process includes the design of new services, as well as changes and improvements to existing ones.

   - Service Catalog Management
   - Service Level Management
   - Capacity Management
   - Availability Management
   - IT Service Continuity Management
   - Information Security Management
   - Design Coordination
   - Supplier Management
   - Requirements Engineering
   - Data & Information Management

Service Operation

To make sure that IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently. The Service Operation process includes fulfilling user requests, resolving service failures, fixing problems, as well as carrying out routine operational tasks.

   - Incident Management
   - Request Fulfilment
   - Problem Management
   - Access Management
   - Operational Activates in other Lifecycle phases
   - Service Desk (Function)
   - Technical Management (Function)
   - IT Operations Management (control & facilities) (Function)
   - Applications Management (Function)

Service Transition

To build and deploy IT services. Service Transition also makes sure that changes to services and Service Management processes are carried out in a coordinated way.

   - Transitional planning and Support
   - Change Management
   - Service asset and configuration management
   - Release and Deployment Management
   - Service Validation and testing Management
   - Change Evaluation
   - Knowledge Management

Continual Service Improvement

To use methods from quality management to learn from past successes and failures. The Continual Service Improvement process aims to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes and services, in line with the concept of continual improvement adopted in ISO 20000.

   - The 7 Step Service Improvement Process

Delt aims to deliver SLAs appropriate to our customers’ needs and are presently averaging well in excess of 99.9% availability for our core IT services.